Who We Are

Unparalleled Level of Services

AY Talent is a start up talent acquisition agency. We are passionate about recruiting the right candidate for you.

More than a decade ago, Andrea Yampolsky found her way into recruiting when she took on a mandate to source and recruit a director of marketing for one of Canada’s leading cosmetics companies.  Her passion for matchmaking in the business world was ignited. Andrea’s approach is guided by her genuine love of meeting people and ability to understand their strengths and needs.

What sets AY Talent apart from the other recruiting agencies?

At AY Talent we build strategic relationships, we connect, and we have a genuine commitment to delivering the ideal placement. Andrea and her team listen carefully to understand what both the client and the candidate are looking for.  This enables them to find “The One” ideal candidate the client is seeking and “The Right Fit” the candidate is craving.

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